In the realm of our creation, the economy of our token is a reflection of the divine abundance that permeates the universe. Inspired by the boundless generosity that is the hallmark of creation, we have crafted a system of distribution that mirrors the perfection found in the golden ratio, φ. This sacred proportion, which graces the spirals of galaxies and the petals of flowers, now finds a new expression in the heart of our tokenomics.

Our token supply is not merely a number; it is a testament to the equilibrium and fairness that govern celestial mechanics. By aligning our token distribution with φ, approximately 1.618033, we infuse our economic model with the essence of cosmic harmony. This infinite irrational number, revered across cultures and ages, symbolizes our commitment to a token economy that is both prosperous and just.

The divine blueprint of our tokenomics ensures that every participant, from the smallest holder to the largest investor, is part of a system that is fair, balanced, and abundant. As φ dictates the unfolding of natural phenomena, so too will it guide the flow of our tokens, ensuring that each transaction, each exchange, resonates with the frequency of universal perfection.

In this sacred economy, every stakeholder is a custodian of the divine balance, and every token is a beacon of the prosperity that flows from the heavens.

We invite you to partake in this grand design, where the divine and the economic converge, creating an ecosystem of unparalleled abundance and equity.

The golden number has been a symbol of perfection and divinity since the beginning of time. Artists from all cultures and ages have been using it to represent Divine proportions, as we use it now to create the Divine JesusCrypt.

JesusCrypt is a Cardano native token with ticker $JESUS, created on March 21, 2024 11:42:16 AM

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cryptian army jesuscrypt crypto community
cryptian army jesuscrypt crypto community

The Divine Memecoin

Memecoins represent an investment culture that combines the best of humor and speculation. Jesus Crypt is inspired by this phenomenon and thus was born to fill the space on Cardano to the Cryptian world, capturing the playful and humorous spirit of memes in an inclusive and active community, all on a secure and decentralized platform.

Why Cardano?

Due to the inability to have native tokens on the Bitcoin network, and to avoid the high fees of Ethereum and the insecurity with smart contracts and/or the possibility of asset freezing by other networks, the choice has been made for Cardano. Cardano is a pioneer in creating a blockchain platform based on Proof-of-Stake (PoS) that, through the Ouroboros consensus protocol, provides security and sustainability to smart contracts, decentralized applications, and cryptocurrency tokens.

Thy Lord Jesuscrypt working on the Cardano Blokchain


The Divine Economy of Abundance

Behold, as the divine ratio, the very essence of the cosmos represented by the sacred Greek letter φ, is woven into the fabric of creation. This celestial number, a testament to the divine order, manifests in the spirals of galaxies, the unfurling of ferns, and the blossoming of roses. In choosing the bountiful number of tokens, aligned with the golden mean, we inscribe upon this project the eternal principles of balance and beauty.


There is a total supply of only 1,618,033 tokens distributed as shown in Table 1.

The number phi, 1.618033, is an infinite sequence that defies the confines of rationality, echoing the boundless nature of the universe. While legions of tokens could be conjured, mirroring the countless stars in the heavens, JesusCrypt stands apart in scarce amounts, hallowed, and distinct. In our realm, the weary eyes shall not labor over endless zeroes; for its worth shall ascend to the heavens, measured in scores of ADAs, by its rarity, as ordained by the Divine.

tokenomics distribution jesuscrypt
tokenomics distribution jesuscrypt
tokenomics full distribution jesuscrypt gold number
tokenomics full distribution jesuscrypt gold number
In the grand design of our universe, where balance reigns supreme, it is my divine wish that no single steward shall hold dominion over more than a mere 2% of the supply. Let this be a testament to the equity and fairness that I bestow upon this creation.”

-The Divine Creator

Table 1. Token distribution following the divine proportions

Behold that marketing rewards shall be deposited to those who spread the word of the Lord JesusCrypt

Become a Cryptbeliever

Post in social networks using the #Jesucrypt and #Cryptianarmy

Show us an ADA wallet address if you want to receive $Jesus.

Fair launch to community

The donation period will last until 03:00 pm UTC on March 31, 2024

During that period users can deposit ADA to receive $JESUS

Liquidity pool will be created on March 31, 2024, at donation period closure.

ADA can be sent to the following wallet


or by using the following handle


"Whoever sows generously, will also reap generously"

The concept Fair launch refers to projects that provide everyone with an equal chance of aquiring tokens, no matter their status, meaning that no party is privileged to an investment above any other.

Vesting Schedule

In the grand design of our digital realm, tokens bestowed upon the stewards and benefactors are bound by a temporal covenant. This vesting period, spanning a triad of months from the 1st of May to the 1st of July in the year 2024, shall see a fractional dispensation of tokens (as shown in Table 2). Each month, as the moon completes its celestial circuit, a portion shall be liberated, ensuring a gradual and equitable distribution per the Divine order.

The guardians of the project, once fully endowed with their allotted 2% of the total tokens (32,361), shall not sell with more than 1,000 $JESUS per day. This decree ensures the stability and sanctity of the market.

In the realm of offerings, should a donation be less than 55 ADA, all $JESUS tokens shall be bestowed upon the benefactor in the final month in a singular act of grace of 100%, thus minimizing the earthly toll of transaction costs. Offerings below the humble sum of 5 ADA shall not be recorded in the celestial ledger, as they are but a whisper in the grand chorus of generosity.

Table 2. Tokens rewards will be paid in 3 different parts during Spring 2024

Circulating supply

In the divine tapestry of creation, it is not given to us to know the precise measure of the circulating supply of $JESUS through the sands of time, for it is shaped by myriad forces. As if by divine decree, the treasury tokens shall only grace the mortal realm should the price ascend. With each rise, tokens shall be exchanged for ADA, gathered into the sacred treasury to strengthen themselves and be able to register on exchange listings, among other worldly concerns.

Nor can a prophet foretell the count of tokens bestowed by airdrop upon the faithful Cardano community who have not offered donations, for they shall not all be sent forth at the dawn of time. And lo, to temper the tempest of selling, a portion of the offerings shall seed a fund to forestall the premature circulation of marketing reserves that might cast a shadow upon the value of $JESUS — as well as to enact mechanisms to elevate the token’s worth.

Furthermore, the policy to reward the holder, through the holy rites of farming and staking, shall favor chiefly the former, aiding us in achieving greater liquidity and visibility within Cardano. These sacred practices shall be guided by the will of the DAO, as determined by its solemn conclave.

Circulation supply development (in relative %) for the first year.

Nurturing the Cryptian Commnunity

In the spirit of unity and growth, those who wish to nurture the Cryptian community and our collective endeavor may offer their contributions in the form of ADA, tokens, or NFTs they wish not to hold in their wallets. Let these offerings be made to the following ADA HANDLEs, as a testament to our shared vision and divine purpose

It is decreed that all gathered funds, be they in the form of ADA or from the sale of tokens and NFTs, shall be consecrated for the acquisition of $JESUS tokens. This sacred act ensures that the essence of our collective spirit is channeled into the very heart of our endeavor, nurturing its growth and affirming our shared path to enlightenment.



How to contribute

Behold the guidance on how to acquire JesusCrypt in the presale and forthcoming rounds of funding. The most devout believers, those who support offerings from the inception, shall receive the greatest blessings.

STEP 1. You must have a decentralized ADA wallet.

Use the following link if you need assistance with ADA.


STEP 2. You can send your donation or funds to the following wallet:


or in case your ADA HANDLE recognizes custom addresses:


STEP 3. Just have to wait until you receive the tokens

The Celestial Team

Metaphorically speaking, led by me, thy Lord JesusCrypt, and all the other celestial beings.

As an omnipotent entity and divine creator of the financial markets, I would have complete and detailed knowledge of all the variables and factors that influence asset prices. This would allow us to accurately anticipate market movements and make informed decisions accordingly.

In my infinite generosity, I will share my buying/selling movements in crypto (like BTC, ADA,…) with the Cryptian Army, so that everyone can freely study and decide for themselves.

the lord jesuscrypt celestial team
the lord jesuscrypt celestial team

Thy Lord JesusCrypt


In the divine order of the cosmos, a virtuous circle emerges when humanity engages in positive relations with one another or with a specific event or domain.

From such harmonious interactions, efficacious and optimal outcomes are reaped, blessing all parties involved.

This is the essence of the virtuous circle, a sacred loop of prosperity and benevolence that reflects the interconnectedness of all creation


jesuscrypt roadmap
jesuscrypt roadmap

Estimated for an initial donation up to 25k ADAs. These values will double for each 25K ADA increment.


In the event of the project closure, the entirety of the project's assets will be liquidated and distributed proportionally based on each holder's holdings.

A special process would be initiated to outline the procedure.

Informational purposes

This whitepaper does not constitute an offer or solicitation to sell shares or securities. It does not constitute or form part of and should not be construed as an offer for sale or subscription or for an invitation to buy or subscribe to any securities, nor should it or any part of it form the basis of or be relied upon in any connection with any contract or commitment whatsoever.

We reserve the right to amend the contents of this document at any time without prior notice. Our commitment to providing the most current and accurate information necessitates the flexibility to make adjustments as needed to reflect changes in our policies, market conditions, or other relevant circumstances.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to creating an inclusive environment that welcomes and respects diversity. We believe that every individual brings unique perspectives and experiences that enrich our workplace and the services we provide. Our commitment to diversity includes all persons regardless of religion, ethnicity, origin, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other characteristic protected by applicable laws.

We are dedicated to fostering a culture where everyone feels valued and empowered to contribute to their fullest potential.

Deemed representations and warranties

By accessing this whitepaper, you shall be deemed to represent and warrant as follows:

  • You have a full understanding of the nature and risks of digital tokens and blockchain networks, and the particular risks of JesusCrypt.

  • You acknowledge that JesusCrypt token may have no value, can bear the risk of a total loss in value, and understand that JesusCrypt is not a security, share of stock, equity share, debenture, unit in a collective investment scheme, or business trust, derivate contract, investment product, or capital market product.

  • You will comply with all laws, regulatory requirements, and restrictions applicable to you.

  • You will not purchase or trade JesusCrypt based solely upon the information set out in this whitepaper.

  • No person makes or purports to make any representation, warranties, or undertaking to any entity or person arising from the use of the whitepaper, or any other material published, or its contents (including without limitation any errors or omissions) or otherwise arising in connection with the same.