The Most Pious & deflationary NFT Collection in Heaven

10.000 Randomly generated hand drawn JesusCrypt as ERC-721 NFTS in the Ethereum Blockchain

Mint your JesusCrypt from heaven

Gas refund offer

From the 18th of November until the 22nd we will refund all your Gas fees if you mint 5 or more NFT. For exact details come to our discord server and join #gas-refund. (as much as 0.02eth for every nft)

Jesus Breeding

Breeding system that will allow you to burn 2 or more NFT to create a new one with selected attributes from the burned ones.

Unveil the Mysteries

JesusCrypt is an ongoing story with test trials for holders which will airdrops ETH and more NFTs

Governance & DAO

Decisions within the church of JesusCrypt are made through Governance for holders. More NFTs, more voting power.Merch and secondary sales funds are managed by the DAO.


Every time a holder breed a new JesusCrypt another one is burned for ever, making JesusCrypt a Deflationary NFT collection.

Rewards for holders

More than 19ETH and 100 JesusCrypt NFTs are going to the hands of holders.

Merch & wall art

Merchandising and wall printed art are already in the works. All profits go to the DAO. Holders decision to give it to holders or do other things with the funds.

Staking & Token

We are already working in a $Faith token and staking system to let holders that stake their NFTS to earn rewards periodically.

Your NFT is for ever

Our NFTS are stored in the blockchain IPFS and will never die or disappear from the internet.

secondary sales

Holders will decide through governance DAO what to do with 100% of the secondary sales. Keep it for holders, spend on charity or do anything the DAO vote.

JesusCrypt Anatomy

We have designed JesusCrypt with lots of variations, so any minted one will have unique attributes based on 9 different layers and more than 150 variations which throws out more than 82 billion possible combinations, although only 10.000 will be eventually minted. Also every variation is of a different rarity, from common to legendary and super rare. That makes any minted JesusCrypt a unique piece of art with tremendous value.

JesusCrypt artwork and unveil the mysteries is inspired by historical events and characters, this work of fiction was designed, hand drawn and produced by a multicultural team of various beliefs, sexual orientations and gender identities.

Unveil the Mysteries

Blessed are you brothers and sisters and welcome to the kingdom of the crypto-sky, a magical place, full of surprises and great rewards.

Cryptoheaven is a place full of mysteries that are waiting to be solved by you, the lucky owners of a JesusCrypt.

The road to fortune is a road full of obstacles, but we know that in the company of your JesusCrypt, you will be able to achieve unprecedented success. To do this, we have prepared a campaign that revalues your NFTs, especially those that have common properties.

Unveil the mysteries is a method to reward the loyalty of owners of JesusCrypt From (Madness Muffin Studio), we want to support you on your journey as NFT owners and we know that the experience of minting an NFT can be frustrating and may not turn out to be what you expected.

Therefore, we have hidden secret messages into some JesusCrypt with common properties. Those messages will lead to different prizes for the owners of those JesusCrypt (as long as they are able to decipher the hidden message, and retain the ownership of one of those nft).

This event will be developed in parallel with our roadmap. Unveil the mysteries, will be triggered when our roadmap reaches 25% 50% 75% of the campaign and one last time, on December 25, to celebrate the birth of our Lord JesusCrypt.

At the time of reaching those milestones, JesusCrypt will launch a series of clues on our social networks (Discord and Twitter), which will serve as the starting signal for the event. The clues will be revealed little by little, until all the prizes have been distributed.

From that moment on, the first ones who are able to chase the rabbit to the rabbit hole, and answer the riddle on our Twitter account will be the winners of the event and will be rewarded with great prizes.

No, another necessary condition for the next Unveil The Mysteries event to start is: that the previous one has already been resolved, all the prizes have been distributed, and at least 24 Hours have elapsed since the previous event ended.

In the different stays of the event, there will be different prizes. From Airdrops of new JesusCrypt, to the delivery of Ethereum to the addresses of the lucky ones who solve the mystery.

  • During the first Unveil The Mysteries, we will deliver 5 Eth distributed among the first 5 owners of an NFT involved in the mystery, who solve the riddle.
  • During the second Unveil The Mysteries, we will deliver 6 Eth distributed among the first 6 owners of an NFT involved in the mystery, who solve the riddle.
  • During the third Unveil The mysteries, we will deliver 8 Eth distributed among the first 8 owners of an NFT involved in the mystery, who solve the riddle.
  • During the fourth Unveil The Mysteries, we will present two awards. 15 ETH to who own the most JesusCrypt NFT who have been involved in the Unveil The Mysteries event and 6 Eth to the second.

The event will last indefinitely, until all the prizes have been distributed. At which time, it will be announced on our social media.

No, only the owners of one of the JesusCrypt nfts involved in the mystery are eligible for the prizes, so if you’ve been smart enough to reveal it before the rest, you have a limited time to buy one of them on Opensea, answer the mystery in our website, and once you are confirmed as one of the winners, upload your JesusCrypt involved in the mystery in our twitter account.

No! In the first place, you must be alert to the moment in which the clues begin to be revealed, and ultimately, you will also have to give the answer in our website before the other owners of one nft.

You will only know if you are attentive to the clues, follow us on our social networks, and chase the rabbit to the rabbit hole. Another way to suspect that something may be happening with your nft with common properties is that you start receiving massive offers on opensea.

Our Sacred Roadmap

Pre Concept
August 2021
Where it all began

In late August 2021 the project starts, brainstorming sessions on how to embrace the project kicks off. Gallons of coffee went away while artist starts to pour in first drawings and concept art of JesusCrypt.

Public minting starts

On the 19th of November public minting will take place, we'll announce it with time enough for preparations on all our social media channels, be prepared and wallet ready.

25% of supply Minted

First unveil the mysteries will be released, delivering 5 ETH to the 5 owners of JesusCrypt who qualify (1eth each). Also 10 JesusCrypt NFT will be randomly air dropped to actual JesusCrypt owners.

50% of supply Minted

Second unveil the mysteries will be released, delivering 6 ETH to the 6 owners of Jesuscrypts who qualify. (1eth each). Also 20 JesusCrypt NFT will be randomly air dropped to actual JesusCrypt owners.

75% of supply Minted

Third unveil the mysteries will be released, delivering 8 ETH to the 8 owners of JesusCrypt who qualify. (1eth each). Also 30 JesusCrypt NFT will be randomly air dropped to actual JesusCrypt owners.

100% of supply Minted

Project is sold out 
40 JesusCrypt NFT will be randomly air dropped to actual JesusCrypt owners.
Also 10ETH will be sent to a charity project which will be designated by governance vote of the actual owners.

100% of supply Minted

As we fully mint the project we start deploying the breeding system. It will take us a fortnight to have the system up and running.

25th December
The lord is born

To celebrate the birth of the Lord on the 25th for December we will release a special and unique 3D NFT. 
Also the fourth Unveil the mysteries will launch which will airdrop 15ETH to whoever owns the most unveil the mysteries related NFTS and 6ETH to the second one.

Q4 2021

Lots of Merch to choose from!

All owners get discounted prices. Worldwide shipping.

Q1 2022
Staking & Token

Earn rewards 

Stake your NFTs and assets to earn $FAITH token and earn rewards.


Come and join our discord server and other social media channels to meet the team, participate in exciting giveaways, and most important: Follow our unveil the mysteries program and earn gigantic prizes.

Come and Join us!

JesusCrypt Merchandising

Once minting starts we will put in full production our merchandising of the project. Owners will be able to order merchandising featuring their own NFT in Mugs, shirts and many more accessories. Also all profits from the merchandising goes to the DAO which will deciding what to do with the funds.


Wall Art

Printed wall art shipped worldwide in any size you want.



Customized Mug with you very own NFT printed on it


Small frames & mask

Customized small frames and face masks in several colors.